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Jumat, 09 April 2010

from him

im'a lack, you r my queen but i ain't no jack.
went to yer heart and plant some bomb
sometimes annoyed punch me like sandsack.
ma pride with you, thanks for yer mom
im'a give yer love back.
cos this bout you and me together
lets show the world a smack.
gimme some love and stick it each other.
and forever. -wes-

♥ Andin

Kamis, 07 Januari 2010

thanks :3

God, finally you have to bring me with him. do-i've been looking for was in love with me watching over my side and give reply sincere affection for me. Thanks yaAllah, because you have made us know each other more closely. yaAllah i just wish he gave me for today, tomorrow, and forever because i believe he wrote it for me and only decent he wrote always in my heart now and until whenever.
Once again i can only hope that "god bring him here just for me and for all" yaAllah, grant my request, because I'm sure he's only reply worthy of me. iloveyouApam
i have more than a year with him. many memories of joy and sorrow. happy and sad stories of each of us already knew each other together. happy, sad, bored, crying, laughing always together.
i wish, i could with him until whenever. and i'm sure he's the last one for me.

:") :") :") :") :") :")

BYE :3


Dengannya aku bisa tersenyum
Dengannya aku bisa menangis
Dengannya aku bisa tertawa dan bercanda
Dengannya aku bisa bernyanyi
Dengannya aku bisa tau apa itu arti sayang
dan Karna nya aku bisa menyayangi nya setulus hatiku

I you